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Solo Trips: An Effective Solution for Getting Over Hard Times

It goes without saying that life has its up and downs. There are periods where things are going well and times when things get so difficult, you wonder how you’re still surviving. There are a number of reasons a person might find themselves having a hard time. Things are too demanding at work, your personal relationship is on the rocks, you lack a social life, you sometimes feel the pressures of parenting, you’re dealing with money issues, you’ve suffered injuries, or perhaps you lost someone close to you. Whatever the case may be, you’ve found yourself in a rut and don’t know how to climb out.

You Need Time to Yourself

When faced with a difficult circumstance or a series of negative events, life can become very challenging. While some people are able to take a moment and bounce back others get stuck and are unsure of themselves and what to do next. With so many distractions and obligations in their daily lives, focusing on their personal healing and growth are hindered. Having just a small measure of time to be alone in a new environment, however, can make a drastic difference.

That’s why taking a solo trip on occasion is recommended. Going on vacation by yourself gives you the freedom and flexibility to work on your well-being. It has worked well for overworked entrepreneurs, burned out parents, recovering addicts from forwardrecovery.com, and the average person who’s simply been under a lot of stress.

Travel is Therapeutic

If you’ve just lost your parents, gone through a divorce, been diagnosed with a chronic illness, completed a free detox and rehab, or gone through some other difficult time in your life, a vacation might seem like the last thing to put you in better spirits. The truth is, however, is that traveling is therapeutic. You get to spend a few days away from your regular life and just focus on yourself. Here is a look at what a solo trip can do to get you back on your feet after being dealt a bad hand:

  • Time in a New Environment – Life can get pretty monotonous. You see the same things, people, and places every day. It is also very difficult at times to deal with your emotions or your current situations when you feel trapped in your own “mess”. A trip means going to an environment where everything is new. While you’re there you’ll encounter new people, new places, and new things to explore which improves your mood and gives you a sense of freedom that allows you to focus on yourself.

  • Rest and Relaxation – Most people don’t get the adequate sleep they need to maintain adequate health. Some, don’t even have the time to relax. You’re always on the go, someone always needs you, and after a while, your mind and body can’t function as efficiently. Traveling gives you time to sleep and relax your mind and body. With no work schedule or obligations, you can sleep as long as you’d like. Relaxing is also encouraged on vacation and there are plenty of activities to help you feel that way from yoga and meditation to exploring nature and receiving spa treatments.

  • A Chance to Live in the Moment – When you’re going through hard times it is easy to hone in on that problem and keep thinking about how to get past it. Sometimes, the best antidote is to put it out of your mind. A vacation provides the opportunity for you to do this. You’re in a new place and every experience will give you something new to think about and discover. You won’t have your mind on what’s going on in your life, but will instead be encouraged to live in the moment. This temporary pause on trying to control things you ultimately can’t change could give you the break you need to focus on the here and now and let your past remain where it is.

  • A Way to Fall in Love with Yourself – Most people have others that rely on them. From your spouse to your children, it can consume a great deal of your day and energy. A solo trip gives you time to focus on one person only – you. You can fall in love with yourself on vacation as you try new things, experience new things, meet new people, and explore things that interest you and speak to your soul.

When life gets you down you’ve got to get back up. Easier for some than it is for others, if you’ve been hit with a really hard time, the best thing you can do is go on a solo trip. It is a way for you to get away from it all and focus on yourself. Traveling can be that break you need to deal with your emotions and re-channel your energy, giving you the ammunition you need to handle the ups and downs that life sometimes throws your way.


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